Customer Solution

Doosan Mobility Innovation cares more about customer experience

Doosan Mobility Innovation is the only fuel cell company that established hydrogen supply infrastructure

Doosan Mobility Innovation cares about customer experience and supplies hydrogen through partnership with hydrogen companies around the world.

When a customer orders hydrogen and makes the payment, a refueled hydrogen tank is delivered to the customer, and the empty one is collected.

Customers do not have to pay for the tanks as Doosan Mobility Innovation will have ownership of them.

Order hydrogen anywhere at anytime

Thanks to Doosan Mobility Innovation's hydrogen supply infrastructure, you can order hydrogen on your PC or mobile anywhere at anytime.

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* The prices in the images above are temporary prices. Prices will be finalized and reflected in November.

Delivered within 1~7 days

Delivery time is minimized via national hydrogen supply network

The nationwide supply network formed in partnership with large hydrogen suppliers enables
delivery of refueled hydrogen tanks within 1 to 7 days since an order is placed.

  • Partnership under discussion with
    large gas suppliers in the US; supply network
    to be ready in the first half of 2019

  • Hydrogen supply network
    secured across Korea

  • Starting with Guangdong in 2018,
    supply network in China to be expanded to other
    regions including Shanghai, Beijing, and Sichuan;
    the goal is to set up a nationwide hydrogen
    supply network by 2020.

Customer can easily replace hydrogen tank

  • Easy replacement

    Thanks to the quick-coupler, anyone can easily install our hydrogen tanks on the powerpack.

  • Notification of replacement period

    The amount of hydrogen in the powerpack and remaining flight time are monitored and customers are notified when to replace the hydrogen tank.

  • Notification of replacement period

    The amount of hydrogen in the powerpack and remaining flight time are monitored and customers are notified when to replace the hydrogen tank.

Customers can conveniently transport and safely store fuel cell drones

Exclusive case

The specially designed cases for hydrogen tanks, powerpacks,
and drones help you transport them safely and conveniently to remote sites.
The exclusive case allows you to safely store hydrogen tanks even in dangerous sites.

Doosan Mobility Innovation guarantees safe flight to customers

Passed number of safety tests

Our tanks passed not only tests required to obtain hydrogen tank certification but also a variety of safety tests that are most similar to drone flights.
To be certified as a hydrogen tank, it must pass numerous safety tests including fire test and rupture test.
Having passed the rigorous safety tests of certification bodies, Doosan Mobility Innovation provides safe & reliable hydrogen containers.

Drop test

Fire test

Gunfire test

Rupture test

Certified hydrogen tank

We are working to make sure you can install Doosan Mobility Innovation's
powerpack to fly your drone anywhere around the world.

Doosan Mobility Innovation is the first in Korea to obtain the Korean Gas Safety Certification for mobile fuel cell hydrogen tanks.

Hydrogen tank design optimized for drones

Based on our verified Type 4 high-pressure hydrogen tank for FCV,
we optimized the tank design (diameter, length ratio, and valve connection, etc.) for drones.

Polymer liner of Type 4 tanks are completely covered with carbon fiber composite. The composite withholds the structural force exerted to the tank, significantly improving corrosion resistance and safety of the hydrogen tank.

For example, it has longer lifecycle as it is more resistant to fatigue load,
and it can be refueled twice more times than Type 1 and 2 tanks.