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Doosan Mobility Innovation Participates in China's Largest Drone Exhibition

- Introducing A hydrogen fuel cell powerpack and hydrogen supply network for drones at the "2019 Shenzhen UAV (Drone) Expo"
- Targeting China's drone market with locally tailored products and services


Doosan Mobility Innovation's exhibition booth at the 2019 Shenzhen UAV(Drone) Expo held in Shenzhen, China from June 20 to 22
Doosan Mobility Innovation participates in the "2019 Shenzhen UAV(drone) expo" to be held in Shenzhen, China, from June 20-22.
The Shenzhen UAV(drone) expo, which has been held since 2016, is the largest drone exhibition in China. This year, some 300 drone manufacturers and related companies from around the world, including Doosan Mobility Innovation, which makes hydrogen fuel cell powerpacks for drones, and China's DJI, AllTECH and JOUAV, will participate. Hyunsoo Dong, vice chairman of Doosan Corporation, and Doosoon Lee, CEO of Doosan Mobility Innovation, support marketing activities in China.

Doosan Mobility Innovation is going to introduce products and businesses at its 144-square-meter booth such as quality and safety at the global top-tier level, convenience of swapping hydrogen tanks and ordering hydrogen, establishment of hydrogen supply network and rapid customer response system in China, and localization strategies through cooperation from Chinese companies.
In addition to its own hydrogen fuel cell drones, Doosan Mobility Innovation displays its DT20 and DJ25 models jointly developed with a Chinese drone company. Through this, it is planning to inform customers of various products and services that are localized to the Chinese market and various applications of hydrogen fuel cell powerpacks for drones.

An empty hydrogen tank of hydrogen fuel cell powerpacks can be easily replaced by filled one. In particular, it can fly for more than two hours on a single charge, overcoming limitations of flight time of current battery-type drones that are only 20 to 30 minutes. It also increased customer convenience so that charged hydrogen tanks can be easily delivered when ordered online from eCommerce site.
"China, the home of drones, is also showing a lot of interest in hydrogen fuel cell technology that can overcome limitations of battery-powered drones." said Lee Doo-soon, CEO of Doosan Mobility Innovation. Also he added, " We will introduce Doosan's fuel cell technology through this Expo and lead the hydrogen fuel cell drone market based on the hydrogen supply network established in the local area. "

Doosan Mobility Innovation plans to mass-produce commercialized products in the fourth quarter through pilot projects and demonstration tests in Korea and abroad.
Dong Hyun-soo, vice chairman of Doosan corporation, talks with Doosoon Lee , CEO of Doosan Mobility Innovation at the 2019 Shenzhen UAV(Drone) Expo in Shenzhen, China, on June 20.