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Doosan Mobility Innovation Launches in Australia


DMI Booth in World of Drones Congress 2020
Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) announced its entry into Australia by participating in the “World of Drones Congress 2020” exhibition held from November 12-13 in Brisbane, Australia.

On this day, DMI introduced its hydrogen fuel cell multicopter DS30, as well as the upcoming all-in-one hydrogen drone DT30 and the hydrogen fuel cell VTOL, DJ25.

DMI plans to accelerate its expansion in Australia by signing a strategic partnership with Australian drone service company Hover UAV. Hover UAV is well-known for performing Google Wing's drone delivery service in Australia.

Currently, DMI is discussing with a local hydrogen company to establish a hydrogen supply chain in Australia. Our hydrogen container has obtained US DOT and European TPED certification. It is also expected to obtain Australian certification in January of next year.