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DMIS Participates in China's Biggest UAV Expo


DMIS booth in Shenzhen UAV
Doosan Mobility Innovation Shenzhen (DMIS) participated in the '2020 Shenzhen Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) Expo' held in Shenzhen, China for 3 days from September 13th to the 15th.

The'Shenzhen Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Expo', which has been held every year since 2016, is the largest drone exhibition held in China. This year, more than 200 drone manufacturers and related companies from around the world participated in the event, while more than 18,000 people attended.

In a 192㎡ booth ▲The existing flagship model DS30 ▲Hydrogen fuel cell pack DP30 ▲World's first integrated hydrogen drone DT30 ▲DJ25, a vertical take-off and landing drone (VTOL UAV) ▲DZ15 helicopter were exhibited.

In particular, DJ25 and DZ15 attracted the attention of visitors by DMIS applying hydrogen fuel cell power to vertical take-off and landing drones and helicopters for the first time in the world. The DJ25 and DZ15 are scheduled to be sold by reservation during the exhibition period, and will be delivered to customers sequentially from January next year.

In addition, ▲Doosan fuel cell technology excellence ▲The principle of operation of hydrogen fuel cells ▲Safety of Doosan hydrogen fuel cells verified through various certifications ▲Easy ordering and delivery, and convenience such as quick parts replacement were promoted.

"If last year's exhibition focused on the Doosan brand, this year, we focused on Doosan's technology," said Seo Chu-sil, the head of DMIS. "We will strengthen cooperation with local companies to localize products and We will continue to strive to expand our market share.”
DZ15 is gaining attention of visitors