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Doosan Mobility Innovation attains European CE mark for its hydrogen fuel cell powerpack (DP30)

- hydrogen fuel cell powerpack attains the CE mark of the European Union
- DMI to enter the European market with its hydrogen-powered drones in the second half of 2021


CE mark obtained by Doosan Mobility Innovation's DP30
Doosan Mobility Innovation attained the European CE mark for its hydrogen fuel cell powerpack (DP30). DMI is planning to enter the European market in the third quarter of 2021 and aims to obtain the CE mark for its hydrogen fuel cell drone (DS30) within the third quarter.

DP30, world's first mass produced hydrogen fuel cell system, enables up to 2 hours of flight thanks to high fuel cell output of 2.6kW. In the past, flight time was limited to less than 30 minutes, but now that long-endurance flight became possible, drones are being used in more applications such as infrastructure inspection, public safety, logistics, and monitoring.

The newly attained CE mark is a European conformity marking, which is mandatory for sale in the European market. The CE marking will serve as a foothold for expanding into the European market.

Once a European sales network is established, Doosan Mobility Innovation will officially be supplying products to markets including Korea, US, and China. DMI will continue to expand its sale of hydrogen fuel cell drones into other countries such as Japan.