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DMI Participates in Austria Hydrogen Economy Delegation


Doosan Mobility Innovation participated in the Austria Hydrogen Economy Delegation held online for two days on March 4-5. This event was designed with the intent to seek cooperation between the two countries related to the hydrogen economy, and to lay the foundation for the discovery of joint projects between 2 countries. It was hosted by the Austrian Embassy's Trade Representative, sponsored by H2KOREA and the Korea Hydrogen Industry Association.

The Austrian Hydrogen Economy Delegation consists of 30 people, headed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate, Environment and Energy, head of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate, Environment and Energy, including Federal and local government agencies, related public enterprises, economic organizations, hydrogen-related companies, research institutes, associations, and employees of the Austrian Embassy in Korea.

DMI held a 50-minute presentation including Q&A on its hydrogen drone technology, applications and future development roadmap. The presentation on this day focused on the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells compared to batteries such as excellent energy density, life cycle, and short charging time. DMI especially achieved weight reduction of the fuel cell powerpack by applying the world's first 50 micro MEA, and prepared for take-off, landing and unexpected windy situations with a hybrid battery. Hydrogen drones are currently widely used in areas such as delivery, facility inspection, public safety, and natural environment monitoring.

In addition, Korea Gas Corporation, Korea Gas Safety Corporation, Hyundai Motor Company, Doosan Fuel Cell, and Hydrogen Energy Network joined the event to introduce Korea's hydrogen economy and discuss possible technology, business plan, and demonstration-based cooperation of representative organizations and companies.

Prior to the event, the Austrian Hydrogen Technology Mission visited the DMI office to have a tour on hydrogen drone's flight and DMI's environmental chambers.

After the presentation, Austrian hydrogen-related companies expressed great interest in the possibility of integrating DMI's hydrogen fuel cell into other equipment and the hydrogen tank developed by DMI.

"The presentation was very informative, insightful and helpful for understanding the current progress of hydrogen economy in South Korea as well as broader perspectives in the upcoming era of the new carbon free energy sources," said Wolfgang Costinger, Commerce Officer of the Austrian Embassy in Korea. "There were no shortages in learning, sharing and adding relevant information interactively ... the delegation event in this year will be another stepping stone for opening more trade chances between South Korea and Austria in hydrogen industry."