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Doosan Mobility Innovation Joins Dutch Offshore Energy Project

- Development of various applications such as delivery using hydrogen drones, marine monitoring, and search & rescue


The place where the POC will take place, in the Netherlands
Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) announced on the 21st that it will partner with the Dutch government agency NHN (Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord, NHN) to participate in the Maritime Emerging Technologies Innovation Park (METIP).

NHN is a government-affiliated regional development organization that supports various activities for economic development such as business development, investment, and acquisition in the northern part of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. METIP is a four-year (2021-2024) maritime technology innovation support project hosted by NHN and participated by the government, companies, and research institutes. The main themes are human resource development, hydrogen economy, and energy conversion. DMI participates in the first drone-based solution development project.

DMI's hydrogen drone can fly for more than 2 hours, and its strengthened 2nd model DS30W can withstand heavy wind up to 15m/s instantaneously. In METIP project, it will deliver emergency relief goods and other goods from the headquarters of an energy company on land to a marine hub 40 to 60 km away, or supply goods to energy facilities such as gas drilling facilities and wind power generators located in the sea from an offshore hub and carry out duties such as lifesaving, facility inspection, and safety monitoring on a regular basis.

This project is carried out in three stages: ▲Utilization of existing technology (drone delivery) ▲Technology application (lifesaving, environmental monitoring) ▲Technology development (facility inspection, reconnaissance). Based on the competitiveness of the hydrogen drone, DMI will apply its technology and test different applications.

DMI CEO Lee Doo-soon said, “This project in the North Sea is based on the actual demand of energy companies, so if the project is successfully completed, it will be of great help in promoting the product. We will develop a business model and use it as a stepping stone for entering the European market.”

DMI succeeded in delivering emergency relief goods between islands at a distance of 70 km hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States in 2019. Last year, it developed various applications such as public mask delivery, lifesaving, and gas pipe monitoring in Jeju Island, Korea.
DMI hydrogen drone delivering emergency goods