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DMI again in Australia at Rotortech 2021 & CGH APAC 2021


DMI's booth in Rotortech 2021
After World of Drones 2020 help last December, Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) has again participated Rotortech 2021 held between 15-17th June at Brisbane, Australia.

Even when DMI couldn’t visit Australia in COVID-19 situation, Hover UAV represented DMI to introduce hydrogen fuel cell multicopter DS30, as well as the upcoming all-in-one hydrogen drone DT30 and the hydrogen fuel cell VTOL, DJ25. showing the continued partnership.

After Rotortech 2021, DMI still have one more event to participate in Melbourne.

DMI will exhibit its hydrogen fuel cell drones, plans of using hydrogen and most of all, announce partnership with the largest gas company in Australia ‘Coregas’ at ‘Connecting Green Hydrogen APAC 2021’.

DMI and Coregas will open co-booth to show the ways of supplying and charging the hydrogen for the use of drones from DMI.
DMI's expected booth design in Connecting Green Hydrogen APAC 2021