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DMI Launches All-In-One Hydrogen Drone, DT30N, a Renewed Version

139 Flight Time and 5kg Payload, Smaller and more Convenient
Launched an Upgraded Version of Previous DT30, the DT30N


Doosan Mobility Innovation has revealed the upgraded version of previous all-in-one drone, DT30, which was launched in 2020 May.

Integrating the upgraded hydrogen fuel cell stack, DT30N was developed with more efficient part assembly and optimized product design.

As a result, the DT30N has extended flight time of 139 minutes compared to previous 110 minutes, and higher payload of 5kg compared to 3kg.

In addition, DT30N has achieved more compact size and lightweight feature, with the dimensions of 1,600 x 1,600 x 675 (mm) which is more than 80% reduced size of the 1st generation model.

The system weight is about 1.2kg lighter, which resulted in higher payload and heightened user convenience.

The DT30N is scheduled to be tested during upcoming July and August, and will be finally launched in September, 2021.