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Doosan Mobility Innovation has secured dealership in Turkey with AYES Group


Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) has secured another dealer in the European region, the AYES Group which is located in Turkey, broadening its grasp to Eastern part of Europe.

DMI's second European dealer, AYES Group has provided consulting and integration services for fuel cells in Turkey for more than 30 years, and is advancing into the green mobility field by recruiting drone experts. AYES Group plans to expand the use of DMI's hydrogen drones in the fields of utility inspection, smart farm, and defense.

In 2021, DMI is making its presence in Europe known by recruiting new dealers, preparing CE certification and participating in governmental PoC at the Netherlands. DMI is exploring new part of Europe with AYES group, as most activities are concentrated on the Western part.

As AYES group has professional experience in both fuel cells and drones, testing and integrating fuel cell stacks for local institutions, more customers will be able to get technical support in Europe.

DMI CEO Lee Doo-soon said, “With the AYES Group's high expertise in this field, customers in Europe can get the support they need.” and “DMI's hydrogen drone solution will play a role in the wake of Europe's environmental policies, and the new model's wind resistance will enable flights in industrial applications."

According to Teal Group, the European commercial drone market is expected to reach 760 million USD in 2021, and it is grow to about 1.8 billion dollar in 2025 as some BVLOS flights are allowed through the unification of EU national regulations.

About Doosan Mobility Innovation

Doosan Mobility Innovation creates the world's first commercialized hydrogen fuel cell system for drones, which have 2 hours of flight time four times longer flight time than battery drones. With two hours of flight time, DMI’s hydrogen drones are utilized in various industrial fields including utility inspection, delivery, emergency monitoring, and public safety. Based on this green technology, DMI successfully launched our products in USA, China and Korea in 2019 and DMI is ready expand our business to the rest of the world.

About AYES Group

The main affiliation of our group company AYES is to sell, install, assemble and deliver the analysis devices of the manufacturers that it represents, to provide user training and to provide after-sales support. These services are produced in the healthiest way with the Analytical, Energy, Environment and Support departments. In addition to its Ankara and Istanbul offices, it is aimed to be close to the users with its dealer network and thus to provide the service to those in need in a short time.