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DMI signs an official contract with Hover UAV to actively expand to the Australian market

- Signs an official supply contract with Hover UAV, a leading drone company in Australia
- Considers this as an opportunity to boost sales in the Australian market


Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) has signed an official supply contract with Hover UAV and will actively engage in business activities in the Australian market. Hover UAV has been DMI’s partner since last year, but through this new contract, DMI aims to take a further step in terms of partnership and expand to Australian market.

Hover UAV is one of the Australia’s leading drone companies. The company is known for its expertise in drone technology and has lots of experience in BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) and EVLOS (Extended Visual Line of Sight) flights including coastline monitoring like shark detection and drone delivery with Wing Aviation.

Based on this supply contract, training sessions for operating DMI’s hydrogen drone will be conducted in Australia. Training session will also be held in South Korea, and employees from Hover UAV will be invited to participate. The training is scheduled for mid-July, and the training session will be held for a week.

DMI believes that this contract is an opportunity which could boost sales in Australia. It plans to promote its products by conducting numerous PoC flights in Australia, and publicize its excellent technology.