Ethical Management Activities

  • Anti-corruption · Ethics Education

    We conduct ethical business education to enhance our employees’ perception of ethical management. In 2016, we conducted diverse ethics education programs, including cyber and collective education courses and workshops, etc. We expanded the scope of ethics education to overseas subsidiaries by implementing online courses. In 2017, we plan to further enhance the foundation of ethics education by extending it to newly acquired suppliers and subsidiaries.

  • Whistle Blowing System

    We have implemented a whistle blowing system to establish a transparent and fair system of ethical management. By keeping the details of such reports confidential, we protect informants from any possible disadvantages. Significant issues are investigated and reported to the CEO and the Audit Committee. We accept reports from external persons concerning violations of the ethical standards and statutes and unfair acts committed by our employees through Cyber Accusation Center operated on its website. Anyone can submit a report, either in their real name or anonymously, through diverse channels including by phone, e-mail, letter, fax or personal visit. In 2016, we received one report concerning alleged corruption and a violation of the code of ethics, but the subsequent investigation proved it to be a false allegation.

  • Help Desk Operation

    Our Help Desk section of the corporate website serves as a channel for anyone to consult and receive guidance on questions or inquiries in relation to our ethical management policy, details of the Code of Conduct and other reports or complaints. This allows external stakeholders as well as our employees to enhance their understanding on our ethical management principles and operational guidelines.

  • White Paper Policy

    Our White Paper Policy aims to prevent the recurrence of major issues that arise from internal audits and improve relevant operations by documenting and sharing related details. In 2015, a total of 42 cases were registered on the White Paper to help our employees understand the reasons behind such issues and become aware that these issues should not reoccur. We aim to increase the number of White Paper registrations in order to promote the intent of registering on and sharing through the White Paper across the board in the future.