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Marketing Partners

  • TerraLix

    TerraLix is an emerging hydrogen company in Buan that is well-know for its business in platform and commercialization of fuel cells. TerraLix supports DMI hydrogen fuel cell drone's sales, consulting, and marketing, accelerating the application of hydrogen energy in commercial drone market.


    Jejuchunji is a well-known smart farm company in Jeju Island that supports aerial spraying using drones, hydroponics, and precision agriculture for production increase. As DMI's partner in Jeju Island for sales, consulting, and marketing, Jejuchunji is diversifying DMI hydrogen drone's application area.

Hydrogen Suppliers

  • MS Gas

    MS Gas is a professional manufacturing distribution company for gas which deals with all kinds of gas, and has built a nationwide distribution network. MS Gas is providing DMI's hydrogen solution, completing hydrogen network in Korea that enables users to get filled hydrogen cylinder within 7 days in all parts of the country.

Solution Partners

  • Wavelabs

    Leading wireless communication technology company that focuses on future applications such as drones and smart factories.

  • AgileSODA

    AgileSoda is an AI solution company that specializes in algorithm-based solution and services. AgileSoda is working on AI-based drone solutions with DMI, developing a system that automatically analyzes solar farm data with AI technology.

  • IGIS

    IGIS, a GIS solution company that specializes in drone application, builds data about processing and analysis of spatial information. With DMI, IGIS developed a drone-operating application.


    Clrobur is a drone software company that develops drone operation and air traffic control system. With DMI, Clrobur developed web-based drone GCS (Ground Control System).


    AIRON provides drone system and solution architecture service. With AIRON, DMI is developing mission devices that can be integrated into drone such as LED screen and speaker.

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is the world's biggest multinational software and hardware company that provides cloud computing solution applicable to drone industry. With DMI, Microsoft is developing hydrogen drone's IoT solution.


    Hanyang is an energy company that covers solar farm, LNG terminal, and biomass, also developing and operating the nation's largest solar farm. With DMI, Hanyang is developing solar farm inspection solution and smart city solution.

  • LG U+

    LG U+ is Korea's leading celluar carrier that that provides communication solution applicable to drones. With LG U+, DMI is developing video surveillance solution.


    Kogas is a public company that provides natural gas, a clean energy, to nationwide. With DMI, Kogas is developing pipeline monitoring solution.

*Doosan Mobility Innovation supports demos and POCs across all states.

*Doosan Mobility Innovation supports hydrogen delivery service across all states.

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  • RMUS

    RMUS, the leading Unmanned Systems Fleet Management provider in North America, also provides education programs and professional support for DMI’s hydrogen fuel cell drones.

  • Fortress UAV

    Fortress UAV is a large and comprehensive facility for drone repair in North America. DMI partnered with FUAV for dealer and repair services of DMI’s hydrogen fuel-powered drone systems.

  • MFE Rentals

    MFE Rentals, worldwide unmanned aerial vehicle inspection equipment provider, has partnered with DMI as a dealer of DMI’s hydrogen fuel cell drone systems.

  • Aeronyde

    Aeronyde, FAA-approved LAANC service provider, is working with DMI at projects in Virginia and Florida for aerial inspection and security

Solution Providers (DaaS)

  • Skyfire Consulting

    Skyfire Consulting has partnered with DMI for long-range pipeline inspection project, and supported us in 43-mile blood sample delivery

  • Atlanta Drone Group

    Atlanta Drone Group is staffed by FAA-certified professional pilots, and supports DMI in projects and proof of concept flights.

  • Aeronyde

    Aeronyde, FAA-approved LAANC service provider, is working with DMI at projects in Virginia and Florida for aerial inspection and security

Hydrogen Suppliers

  • IGX Group

    IGX Group’s MicroRefueler trailer truck has secured hydrogen supply on multiple projects and Proof of Concepts.

    * Delivery available to all US states
  • ReadyH2

    Located in Texas, ReadyH2 is our go-to partner for all Doosan dealer and customer hydrogen fuel needs.

    * Delivery available to all US states

System Providers

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is helping us lift customer experience by providing AI technology such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Stream Analytics.

  • RevX Systems

    The platform of RevX Systems lets DMI drones be easily connected to IoT service.

  • TruWeatherSolutions

    TruWeatherSolutions and DMI share the vision of BVLOS flight through their micro-model which can predict global weather conditions.

  • GeoCue Group Inc.

    GeoCue is the largest supplier of kinematic LIDAR mapping processing tools in North America and LP360 is one of the world’s most widely used tool for exploiting point cloud data.

Solution Partner

  • AI Clearing

    AI Clearing and DMI are working in tandem to provide construction companies with near real-time updates on progress and adherence to design from their sites by using drone data and advanced AI analytics.

  • Drone Deploy

    Global leading Mapping S/W technology provider 'Drone Deploy' is partnering with DMI for supplying a packaged solution for customers willing to have a large scale image with high resolution.

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  • Shanxi Jinjun

    Shanxi Jinjun Group is one of Doosan Engineering Machinery’s largest agents in China, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Jinjun Hydrogen Energy Technology is a strategic partner and agent of Doosan in Northwest China and North China.

Platform Partners


    JOUAV is committed to becoming the world's leading R&D and manufacturing company for vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV. Their products are widely used in the field of surveying and mapping. JOUAV is a partner of Doosan in the field of hydrogen-powered VTOL fixed-wing UAV. Co-developed the world's first hydrogen-powered vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV DJ25.


    ALLTECH is a domestic advanced industrial UAV and wireless mobile video transmission system enterprise. Their products are widely used in harsh application scenarios such as emergency and firefighting. ALLTECH is a partner of Doosan in the field of hydrogen-powered multi-rotor drones.

  • Ziyan

    Ziyan is a leading domestic manufacturer of intelligent electric unmanned helicopters. Their products are widely used in rescue, inspection, maritime and other fields. Ziyan is a reliable strategic partner with DMIS. Cooperated to develop the world's first hydrogen-powered unmanned helicopter DZ15.

Solution Provider

  • Sorability Technologies

    Soarability Technologies specializes in UAV and vehicle-mounted atmospheric movement detection systems, and jointly developed a wide range of gas detection solutions with Doosan. Increased efficiency and reduced operating time and labor costs.

Hydrogen Suppliers


    HUATE GAS is one of the largest private special gas and related equipment suppliers in China, and the first high-quality hydrogen supplier cooperated with Doosan.


    PUJIANG GAS is an enterprise specializing in gas production, R&D and sales. Doosan's second high-quality hydrogen supplier in China.

  • Dalian Special Gases

    Dalian Special Gases Co., Ltd is located in Dalian. DSG was founded in 1992, employees over 200 people. DSG is devoted to the research and development of high purity gas, calibration gas and industrial gas mixture. It is DMI's third high-quality hydrogen supplier in China.


  • Sinoma

    Sinoma is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. (CNBM), the world's largest building materials manufacturer and the world's leading integrated service provider. As a strategic partner of Doosan, it has customized and developed Type 3 3-20L hydrogen tanks for Doosan since 2018.

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  • Hover UAV

    Hover UAV, a leading UAV consultancy in Oceania is representing DMI in Australia, supporting product operation, marketing and getting approvals for flight missions.

Hydrogen Suppliers

  • Coregas

    Coregas, part of Wesfarmers Group is a biggest Australian gas supplier partnering with DMI for hydrogen supply network.

System Providers

  • Nextcore

    Integration of Nextcore’s Lidar system expands DMI's hydrogen drone usage.

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  • FRP Advanced Technologies Aerospace & Defence, S.L.

    FRP is a consulting and engineering company that integrates Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the core business in order to introduce hydrogen as a fuel helping to eliminate the carbon footprint. FRP supports the client incorporate aerial platforms with specific ad-hoc engineering, payload integration and AI solutions providing innovations for civilian and military sectors.

  • AYES Group

    AYES Group has provided consulting and integration services for fuel cells in Turkey for more than 30 years, and is advancing into the green mobility field by recruiting drone experts. AYES Group plans to expand the use of DMI's hydrogen drones in the fields of utility inspection, smart farm, and defense.

H2 Solution Partner

  • NanoSUN

    NanoSUN provides cascade hydrogen refuelling solutions to a wide range of hydrogen powered applications, delivering mobile and cost-effective hydrogen, storage, distribution, and dispensing for in-field refuelling. NanoSUN has worked with DMI to develop a mobile hydrogen refueller that can easily and efficiently charge DMI's hydrogen tank at any location.

Project Partner

  • NHN (Noord-Holland Noord)

    NHN is a national organization that supports business activities in the northern part of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and aims to revitalize the local economy. NHN is the host organization of METIP project (Maritime Emerging Technologies Innovation Park) in which DMI is participating.

Solution Partner

  • AI Clearing

    AI Clearing and DMI are working in tandem to provide construction companies with near real-time updates on progress and adherence to design from their sites by using drone data and advanced AI analytics.

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Project Partner

  • Senegal Flying Labs

    Senegal Flying Labs is a Senegalese expert center that focuses on solving social challenges through the use of sustainable unmanned and AI technologies. SFL provides training, research and development, and knowledge sharing to locals.

  • South Africa Flying Labs

    South Africa Flying Labs is a Robotics Innovation Hub supported by a global network of Flying Labs, implementing social projects with sustainable impact in South Africa.

System Providers

  • Parazero

    By integrating Parazero’s parachute system, DMI can ensure the safety and reliability of our drone.