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Asoa, Doosan Mobility Innovation sign MOU for hydrogen fuel cell drones


An exhibition of hydrogen fuel cell drones (AD-1200Vs) being developed by Asoa
Asoa, an industrial drone manufacturer, said on May 13 that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Doosan Mobility Innovation to develop multi-purpose drones utilizing hydrogen fuel cells on May 10.

Through this MOU, both companies are planning to jointly develop drone gas that can be equipped with power pack (fuel cell for drones) and carry out joint research for early commercialization of multi-purpose drones that utilize hydrogen fuel cell, a future power technology.

"We are pleased to sign an MOU for development and early commercialization of multi-purpose drones using hydrogen fuel cells, the next-generation power source," said Asoa CEO Kim Hyun-soo. "We hope that public demand will be created and activated by overcoming limitations of existing drones through long-term stay in the air and expanding areas and scope of use of drones in the future."

Meanwhile, Doosan Mobility Innovation CEO Lee Doo-soon said, "Dusan's hydrogen fuel cell power pack, which was first introduced through the Drone Show Korea in January, is receiving much attention from people. We will do our best to make the drones using hydrogen fuel cells available for early commercialization."

Source - [Korea IT TIMES,]
Asoa CEO Kim Hyun-soo (right) gives product descriptions to Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Kim Hyun-mee at the "LoboUniverse & K Drone VR Summit" event held in June last year