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Doosan Hydrogen Drones Land and Refuel in Europe

First European flight of Doosan Mobility Innovation Hydrogen Drone
Mobile refuelling of hydrogen fuel tanks
Coming to the UK in 2020


Doosan Babcock, Doosan Mobility Innovation, and NanoSUN with the DS30 Endurance hydrogen drone
Held in the UK early December 2019, Doosan Babcock (DB) partnered with sister company Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) and NanoSUN to successfully demonstrate the first European flight and mobile refueling of DMI’s hydrogen-fuelled drone.

The majority of drones currently on the market are either battery or fossil-fuelled and have limitations due to payload, emissions and flight duration. As the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell powered commercial drone, the DMI hydrogen drone offers the following key features:

- Zero emissions (only water)
- Flight time in excess of 2 hours: 4-6x that of battery-powered drones
- Max 5kg payload
- Drone diameter of 2.6m, standing 0.8m high
- Hybrid power-pack with 2.6kW Proton Exchange Membrance (PEM) fuel cell
- Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) with payload = 24.9kg
- Drone control and monitoring regardless of distance
- Built-in dedicated ultraspeed communication module
- Safe flight monitoring and landing provision if unable to return home
- Autonomous flight mission command functionality

The recent demonstration, held at Cockerham airfield, was the first flight in Europe of the DS30 hydrogen drone, in addition to demonstration of mobile refuelling of both the 7 and 10.8 litre tanks; each designed for 350bar, enabling enhanced flight duration.

Refuelling was provided by NanoSUN’s Pioneer™ mobile cascade refueller which provided a fast and simple solution, without separate compression, and with easy operation and connection. Ongoing development will enable refuelling in excess of 350bar and with a combination of mobile and static refuellers in the pipeline.

Doosan Babcock attendance was twofold – R&D co-development and collaboration potential as well as the potential for expansion of existing services offered by the Doosan Babcock business sectors.

Having successfully proven the technology, the collaboration is primed to continue, to launch the UK drone in 2020.

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