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DMI signs MOU with Senegal Flying Lab (SFL) to develop long range eco-friendly medical delivery in Africa


Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Senegal Flying Lab for the joint marketing and co-developing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) solutions in West and Central Africa. This agreement formalizes the mutual interaction and strengthens the future engagement of both parties to expand the hydrogen fuel cell drone operations in the region.

The Senegal Flying Labs is a social enterprise that develops concepts of shared drone data to stimulate change within the local. Its mandate is to spread the safe, responsible and meaningful use of UAVs to accelerate socially benefitting solutions. Senegal Flying Labs is part of the Flying Labs platform, that build local ecosystems and markets using robotics and related data.

Doosan Mobility Innovation focuses on the mobile application of hydrogen fuel cell technology, which is projected to provide diverse industrial solutions and contribute to public safety with green technology. DMI’s hydrogen fuel cell multi-copter can fly for 2 hours, with remote vertical take-off and landing system. Recently, DMI delivered AED emergency kit to 1500m high mountainside to save heart-attacked victims.

With long endurance hydrogen fuel cell drone, DMI and Senegal Flying Labs will be able to deliver medical aid in Africa, expanding regional accessibility to public health systems. This innovative feature will help construct medical delivery hub in the region, facilitating transportation and medical sector. In addition to public health, DMI and Senegal Flying Labs will collaborate in various sectors based on hydrogen fuel cell drones.