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Doosan Mobility Innovation jointly develops mobile hydrogen refueller with UK-based green hydrogen startup, NanoSUN

- mobile refueller weighing 50kg
- increased customer convenience thanks to refueling at up to 300 bar in 90 seconds


Micro Refueller co-developed by DMI and NanoSUN
Doosan Mobility Innovation jointly developed a mobile hydrogen refueller station with UK-based hydrogen company, NanoSUN.

Based in Lancaster, UK, NanoSUN is a startup that supplies green hydrogen fuel.

With the mobile refueller DMI jointly developed with NanoSUN, anyone can easily recharge hydrogen fuel at up to a maximum working pressure of 300 bar.

The refueller is easy to carry around as it is 8cm wide and 60cm high, weighing only 50kg.

The mobile refueller jointly developed with NanoSUN used cascade technology.

Cascade technology, which utilizes the hydrogen flow from high to low pressure, allows hydrogen refueling just by connecting to high-pressure (300bar) hydrogen gas. It is an economical and easy way to refuel hydrogen as a compressor is not required.

Going forward, in Europe and in other regions, users will be able to easily refuel hydrogen upon purchasing hydrogen tanks from existing industrial gas suppliers.

Doosan Mobility Innovation is developing various hydrogen supply solutions to raise customer convenience.

In Korea and USA, hydrogen tanks are delivered directly to the requested site within 2 to 7 days of ordering at our website.