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Doosan Mobility Innovation launches compact hydrogen fuel cell powerpack


DM 15, compact hydrogen fuel cell module
Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) launched "compact hydrogen fuel cell powerpack (DP15)" and "compact hydrogen fuel cell power module (DM15)."

Unlike DP30, DM15 and DP15 use one stack for power generation and thus, its rated power output is 1.25kW, half that of DP30.

The compact size of DM15 and DP15, which can be fitted into a more variety of products, is expected to broaden the range of fuel cell applications.

Its design was optimized to achieve long lifecycle and high stability in addition to light weight.

DM15 and DP15 allows refueling and cooling at the same time using control algorithms for both low- and high-temperatures, and 140mm high-quality fan and heater within the module support temperature stabilization.