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Doosan Mobility Innovation supplies hydrogen fuel cells to hydrogen cars of 'RBT Motors'

- To develop hydrogen vehicles using hydrogen fuel cell


Premium custom sports car by RBT Motors
Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) supplied its hydrogen fuel cells to RBT Motors, a handmade auto company.

RBT Motors is a small-volume car manufacturing startup that sells premium custom sports cars.

Under the slogan, "Reboot the Legend," it aims to set a new paradigm for the Korean automotive market with innovative technologies and retro designs.

RBT Motors will be using DMI's hydrogen fuel cells, which are compact and easily customizable, in the development hydrogen cars.

DM 30, which was supplied to RBT Motors, is a modular hydrogen fuel cell powerpack, and energy can be supplied just by fastening bolts.

Hydrogen fuel cells boast 3 to 4 times higher energy density than batteries. Such high efficiency can greatly increase operation time of the connected device.

Going forward, DMI will continue to expand the use of hydrogen fuel cells in areas other than drones.