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Doosan Mobility Innovation produces a portable load bank 'DL30'

- Activation of hydrogen fuel cell without having to fly the drone


Portable load bank, DL30 launched by DMI
Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) will be launching a portable load bank for hydrogen fuel cell powerpack.

Customers who haven't operated their drones for a long time can easily activate the hydrogen fuel cell powerpack by installing a portable load bank

As hydrogen fuel cell operates on self-generated power, users are recommended to use it on an routine basis.

If it hasn't been in use for over 3 months, the product performance can be maintained using recovery sequence.

The newly launched portable load bank is expected to help customers make sure the powerpack is at its best condition.

The load bank was developed as a portable-type so that users can carry it around without help. It is also a wireless product and can be used outdoors without the need to connect to a power supply.

Thanks to intuitive interface, anyone can use it easily.

DMI will continue to develop equipment to improve customer convenience.