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Doosan Mobility Innovation unveiled the new DS30W at CUAVE Americas 2021

- Open a booth and conduct an outdoor demo at Commercial UAV Expo Americas
- CEO Doo-Soon Lee emphasized, "Focus on securing overseas customers".


DMI participated in CUAV in Las Vegas, USA. The image is a bird's eye view of the DMI booth.
Doosan Mobility Innovation (hereinafter referred to as DMI) introduced its new product "DS30W" at the largest drone exhibition in the United States and continues to actively target overseas markets.

DMI announced that it participated in the Commercial UAV Expo Americas(hereinafter referred to as CUAV), which held at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas from September 7th to 9th. The CUAV is one of the top three drone exhibitions in the United States, and commercial drone companies used in various fields such as construction, delivery, agriculture, infrastructure, public safety, security, and surveying gather in one place. This year, about 125 famous drone companies, including DMI, DJI, Skydio and Autel participated.

DMI introduced the new product, DS30W, with improved wind resistance and waterproofness, which were unveiled at the 2021 Drone Show Korea in April, and also showed off hydrogen fuel cell pack, DM15, and hydrogen tanks. Due to Covid-19 last year, the flight demonstration, which was only released as a videoclip, was conducted offline this year, drawing the attention of customers to the DMI hydrogen drone, which can fly for more than two hours.

In addition, a part of the DMI booth was allocated to Fortress UAV, a US local dealer that provides one-stop drone service from OEM to technical support, repair and maintenance, and joint marketing was conducted to enhance local publicity.

CEO of DMI, Doo-soon Lee said, “Unlike last year, as the exhibition was held offline, we were able to intuitively showcase the excellence of DMI’s hydrogen drone."

Meanwhile, DMI has recently signed contracts with European dealers in Spain and Turkey, and has also obtained transportation approvals from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Australian government, along with Korean KGS certification and European TPED certification for hydrogen tanks used in hydrogen drones.