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Doosan Mobility Innovation scores twin wins at CES 2022 Innovation Awards again

Doosan Mobility Innovation won the “Honroee” awards with DJ25 and Solar inspection solution by hydrogen drone again!


Doosan Mobility Innovation(“DMI”) won the “Honoree” award for its hydrogen fuel cell VTOL(vertical take off and landing) in the “Drones & Unmanned Systems” category. DMI is going to reveal the new hydrogen VTOL drone(co-develop with JOUAV) in CES2022 next year. This hydrogen fuel cell VTOL can fly up to 5 and half hours at one flight, so DMI expect that the usage of drone will significantly be expanded for many of industries with this new model.

In addition, DMI won another “Honoree” award for its Solar inspection solution with hydrogen drone(DP30+DS30W) in the Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy” category. it is possible to take detailed shots of hundreds of thousands of solar panels, overseeing 12MW solar farm with one flight. And data is collected and sent to AI-based SW through our LTE cloud server, and defects are automatically detected through machine learning, made into reports and sent to customers, so customers easily analysis solar farm and quickly sort out the solar panel defects.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in the United States gives CES Innovation Awards to products with the outstanding technological prowess and design competitiveness in 27 categories ahead of the CES, the world’s largest electronics trade show held every January. Best of Innovation is given to the product with the highest score in each category, and Honoree is given to the product that exceeds the standard score. Award-winning products will be displayed separately at the Innovation Awards Exhibition during the CES.

“We are very excited to have a won the CES innovation award again after the CES 2020. These awards are significant achievements since our technological prowess is recognized, as we will participate in the CES next year. Related industries are expected to pay attention to Doosan at the exhibition,” an official from Doosan said.

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