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Collection and Use of Personal Information Agreement

Doosan Mobility Innovation treats users' personal information very seriously and abides by relevant laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization. Doosan Mobility Innovation informs users of the purposes for which their personal information will be used, how the information will be used, and the measures taken to protect their privacy. Doosan Mobility Innovation will notify you of revisions or updates to its personal information handling or processing policy through website announcements or individual notices when they occur. The following privacy policy applies to this website (, “this site”). This policy will be effective beginning August 30, 2018. Purpose of Collection Doosan Mobility Innovation collects users' personal information for the following purposes. - To respond to user inquiries or requests for service or provide useful information to users - To handle complaints - To provide better service to users and improve the quality of this site by analyzing service usage Personal Information Collected Doosan Mobility Innovation collects the following personal information for consultation, service request, etc. - Collected information Required information : Name, email address, service usage record, access log, cookies, and login IP information Optional information : Location (city and province), phone number (contact), country, and company - Method of collecting personal information: Homepage (Contact Us and Cyber Report Center) Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information As a rule, we will destroy personal information without delay once the purpose for collecting and using the information has been fulfilled. However, the following information will be retained for the specified periods for the following reasons. - Retained information : Name, email address, location (city and province), country, and company - Retention period : 1 year - Reason for retention: To operate services - Retained information: Service usage record, access log, cookie, and login IP information - Retention period : 3 years - Reason for retention : To improve service quality by analyzing service usage Guidance on Decline of Consent You may not agree to the above collection and use of personal information. The use of the Contact us service may be restricted if you decline to agree.

Please read Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information carefully before you agree.