Certified and safe


  • Certified

  • Reliable

  • Light weight

  • Safe

  • Ultralight Type 4 hydrogen tank with high storage efficiency

    Type 4 hydrogen tanks are based on verified technology already being used in hydrogen-powered vehicles.

    Doosan developed ultralight hydrogen tanks by optimizing the design of carbon fiber winding in fuel cell powerpack for mobile use.

  • Lightweight
    Doosan's lightweight, carbon fiber
    composite drone can deliver better
    fuel economy and more payload.
  • Efficient storage
    High storage pressure allows
    the tanks to store more energy
    in the same volume.
  • High durability
    Carbon fiber composite helps minimize
    external shock by withstanding
    structural force exerted to the tank.

Certified hydrogen tank

DMI is the first among mobile fuel cell technology to obtain the Korean certificate for hydrogen tanks, and recently acquired European TPED certification.

Our tanks not only passed tests required to obtain certificate, but also a variety of safety tests most similar to drone flights including drop test from 150m, penetration test, fire test and internal pressure test.

Easy & safe replacement, transportation, and storage

  • The quick-coupler allows anyone to easily install
    our hydrogen tanks on the powerpack.

  • The handle design allows anyone to easily replace and
    transport the hydrogen tank.

  • Doosan’s exclusive case allows anyone
    to transport and store fuel cell drones safely
    and conveniently to remote sites

Hydrogen Tank Specs

Hydrogen Tank Specs
Hydrogen Tank
225 mm
Working Pressure
350 bar
435 mm