Customer Solution

Doosan Mobility Innovation cares more about customer experience

Doosan Mobility Innovation is the only fuel cell company that established hydrogen supply infrastructure

Doosan Mobility Innovation cares about customer experience and supplies hydrogen through partnership with hydrogen companies around the world.

When a customer orders hydrogen and makes the payment, a refueled hydrogen tank is delivered to the customer, and the empty one is collected.

Customers do not have to pay for the tanks as Doosan Mobility Innovation will have ownership of them.

Order hydrogen anywhere at anytime

Thanks to Doosan Mobility Innovation's hydrogen supply infrastructure, you can order hydrogen on your PC or mobile anywhere at anytime.

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Delivered within 1~7 days

Delivery time is minimized via national hydrogen supply network

The nationwide supply network formed in partnership with large hydrogen suppliers enables
delivery of refueled hydrogen tanks within 1 to 7 days since an order is placed.

Customer can easily replace hydrogen tank

  • Easy replacement

    Thanks to the quick-coupler, anyone can easily install our hydrogen tanks on the powerpack.

  • Notification of replacement period

    The amount of hydrogen in the powerpack and remaining flight time are monitored and customers are notified when to replace the hydrogen tank.

  • Notification of replacement period

    The amount of hydrogen in the powerpack and remaining flight time are monitored and customers are notified when to replace the hydrogen tank.

Customers can conveniently transport and safely store fuel cell drones

Exclusive case

The specially designed cases for hydrogen tanks, powerpacks,
and drones help you transport them safely and conveniently to remote sites.
The exclusive case allows you to safely store hydrogen tanks even in dangerous sites.

Doosan Mobility Innovation guarantees safe flight to customers

Passed number of safety tests

Our tanks passed not only tests required to obtain hydrogen tank certification but also a variety of safety tests that are most similar to drone flights.
To be certified as a hydrogen tank, it must pass numerous safety tests including fire test and rupture test.
Having passed the rigorous safety tests of certification bodies, Doosan Mobility Innovation provides safe & reliable hydrogen containers.

Drop test

Fire test

Gunfire test

Rupture test

Certified hydrogen tank

We are working to make sure you can install Doosan Mobility Innovation's
powerpack to fly your drone anywhere around the world.

Doosan Mobility Innovation is the first in Korea to obtain the Korean Gas Safety Certification for mobile fuel cell hydrogen tanks.

Hydrogen tank design optimized for drones

Based on our verified Type 4 high-pressure hydrogen tank for FCV,
we optimized the tank design (diameter, length ratio, and valve connection, etc.) for drones.

Polymer liner of Type 4 tanks are completely covered with carbon fiber composite. The composite withholds the structural force exerted to the tank, significantly improving corrosion resistance and safety of the hydrogen tank.

For example, it has longer lifecycle as it is more resistant to fatigue load,
and it can be refueled twice more times than Type 1 and 2 tanks.


  • Hydrogen is gas that already exists in the atmosphere together with nitrogen and oxygen. Since hydrogen is very light gas, it does not stay in one location after being emitted during the use of fuel cells but spreads and disappears into the air quickly.
    The safety accident rate of hydrogen is extremely lower than that of batteries, and most hydrogen-related accidents were caused due to human error such as carelessness when handling hydrogen tanks and the failure to inspect the facility.
  • Hydrogen energy has no environmental risk as hydrogen turns to water when it is combines with the oxygen in the air and creates almost no exhaust and other pollutants.
  • The hydrogen tanks of Doosan Mobility Innovation are the first hydrogen tanks for mobile fuel cell powerpack to have received Korea’s KGS certification, and have recently gained Europe’s TPED certification in addition. It is currently in the process to obtain DOT within this year. It passed severe tests like fire test and gun-shot test, and showed strong durability with no ripping or rupture when dropped from 150m high.
  • The hydrogen tanks of Doosan Mobility Innovation are Type IV composite material tanks with a high storage efficiency. The hydrogen tank is a proven technology that is used to make fuel cell vehicles and is becoming more common in markets because of its numerous strengths.
    As it is ultralight, it increases fuel efficiency and payload, and more energy can be stored per volume as it has a higher storage density. And the carbon fiber composite material minimizes external shocks by withstanding all structural forces applied to the tank.
  • A fuel cell drone shows the exact remaining flight time on the controller monitor of the PC/mobile user. Therefore, the user can operate the drone until they completely use up the hydrogen. This is one of the biggest strengths of a fuel cell drone compared to a battery drone, whose remaining flight time cannot be predicted accurately using the remaining battery level.
  • There is no possibility of a hydrogen leak as the Doosan Mobility Innovation’s powerpack uses a hydrogen tank and valve that passed a confidential test.
  • There is no need to worry about the hydrogen tank falling because it cannot be released when the drone is in flight mode. Even if an error occurs and hydrogen supply stops during flight, the drone will initiate an emergency landing using the hybrid battery.
  • When a customer orders hydrogen through online/mobile e-commerce, a fully-fueled hydrogen tank is delivered to the address of the customer and the empty tank collected within 1 to 7 days of the day of the order. The hydrogen tanks are the assets of Doosan Mobility Innovation, and the customer only orders the hydrogen gas. Besides this, Doosan Mobility Innovation strives to provide a convenient and quick hydrogen supply solution by offering various hydrogen supply options.
  • Doosan Mobility Innovation is the only fuel cell company that has a hydrogen supply chain. We have completed our construction of a hydrogen supply chain in South Korea, held meetings to discuss specific cooperation methods with numerous large companies in the US, and completed discussions on the construction of a hydrogen network in China.
  • Yes, it will be possible to deliver hydrogen not only in Canada but also in countries in South America.
  • There is no need for a customer to refuel hydrogen directly to the tank inside the fuel cell because a fueled hydrogen tank will be delivered to the them ahead of time.
    The used-up hydrogen tank can be separated in one touch via the fuel cell system. The customer can use the fuel cell again immediately after inserting the new filled hydrogen tank.
  • While liquid hydrogen is denser than the high-pressure hydrogen we use and, therefore, more hydrogen can be stored per volume, it will still take some time for it to be commercialized since the equipment needed to refuel liquid hydrogen and to vaporize liquid hydrogen into hydrogen gas is heavy. Our company’s powerpacks can also be used with liquid hydrogen once the related infrastructure is built.