Drone Digital Platform

Value of long-endurance solution
for BVLOS flight

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) drones are a new future for commercial drones. Doosan's long-endurance solution comes with BVLOS.

Maximizing value of BVLOS flight via
Doosan’s long-endurance solution

BVLOS flight operations of existing drones were inefficient due to restricted distance and limited performance, while BVLOS flight operations were permitted only for airplanes or with costly satellite communication.
When BVLOS flight is implemented, Doosan’s safe, convenient, and efficient long-endurance solution is the best alternative of expensive existing aero vehicles.

Doosan is developing our own drone digital platform to support BVLOS flight

  • Remote control and monitoring using high-speed communication module
  • Limitless realtime data sharing among drone, server, and user through IoT cloud
  • Mobile application for drones Download mobile application
  • A variety of user-friendly features
    • Automatic Powerpack recognition using QR code
    • Easy-to-use waypoint and autonomous flight features
    • Can be integrated with e-commerce
  • Global cloud network for managing multiple drones at once