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Hydrogen drones



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Hydrogen supply network
  • 1

    Product line-up for long endurance flight

    Hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen-powered drones enables up to 2 hours of flight.

  • 2

    Web-based ground control system

    You can easily control and check the status of your drone on all laptops without having to install anything.

  • 3

    Real-time monitoring dashboard

    You can transmit drone and powerpack data to the cloud for real-time monitoring, which also allows preventive maintenance.

  • 4

    Effortless hydrogen solution

    If you order a hydrogen tank through the website or the application, a refueled tank will be delivered to your doorstep.

Doosan Mobility Innovation
guarantees verified reliability.

  • Automatic production facility

    We introduced the world's first mass production system by building an automatic facility for producing fuel cell powerpacks.

  • Systematic quality control system

    We systematically control quality and respond to VOC by operating a dedicated service team.

  • International certification and approvals

    We obtained approvals and certifications from the DoT (US), KC (Korea), and TPED (Europe), validating the safety of our products.

Doosan Mobility Innovation provides a power module that is compatible with many drones and an "open platform," where various communication and mission equipment can be mounted.

  • Customizable modules

    We provide fuel cell modules that can be customized to different drones.

  • Joint product development

    We also develop products jointly with partners.

  • Pixhawk FC

    We offer various options based on dual flight controller (FC)